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Category: How to Motivate People

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Different Generations-Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Dallas Leadership Speakers, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

How to Motivate the Different Generations in the Workplace

  For all videos on the different generations in the workplace click here! Having different generations in the workplace can create conflict, high turnover and cause under par work. Mostly due to a leader misunderstanding each generation’s values. What we value determines how we behave. If we understand their values, we can then learn how […]

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Job Satisfaction- Betsy Allen-Manning is a Texas Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

The Top 5 Things Employees Need to Have Job Satisfaction

  The #1 reason people leave a job or underperform at their job, is due to leaders not meeting the most important needs they have in the workplace. Remember, people will have a harder time getting motivated when they feel like their needs are not being met. Their daily focus tends to be on what […]

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