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Proven 5 Step Approach on How to Delegate Effectively

  Delegation is one of the top ways to manage your time better as a busy leader. It shows you have exemplary leadership skills and trust within your team. Many leaders avoid delegating, however, because they can either get it done faster themselves, they don’t trust the employee to do it correctly, they’re afraid the […]

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5 Steps For Building Trust in the Workplace-Betsy Allen-Manning -Dallas, Tx Leadership Speaker Author & Organizational Development Expert

5 Steps For Building Trust in the Workplace

  Trust is the foundation for building strong teams, creating a positive work culture and producing massive results. The cost of not having trust in the workplace is also greater than you may be aware of. Fast Company Magazine shared a story about a Fortune 500 company who realized it took an average of 89 […]

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Job Satisfaction- Betsy Allen-Manning is a Texas Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

The Top 5 Things Employees Need to Have Job Satisfaction

  The #1 reason people leave a job or underperform at their job, is due to leaders not meeting the most important needs they have in the workplace. Remember, people will have a harder time getting motivated when they feel like their needs are not being met. Their daily focus tends to be on what […]

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