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Pre-Program Questionnaire

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The following information will help Betsy customize her presentation to fit the needs of your audience.
  • Contact Information

  • Logistics

  • Hotel

  • Please enter hotel name, address & phone #. (If reserving a hotel for Betsy, please reserve a king bed in a non-smoking room. Direct Bill room & tax to your master account.)
  • Transportation

  • (If you are providing ground transportation, please specify.)
  • (If someone is meeting Betsy at the airport, please write their name and phone # here.)
  • (In case of emergency or flight delays/cancellations, what is the name and phone # of the person Betsy should contact?
  • Program Information

  • What is the theme of your event/conference?
  • Please list all of the dates you would like Betsy to participate in.
  • Please list all topics Betsy is presenting, including keynotes, breakout sessions & seminars.
  • (IE...Awards Banquet, Annual Meeting or Conference, Leadership Training..etc...)
  • Go to Betsy's "Meeting Planner" page to download the introduction for the presentation she's giving to your group.
  • List any slogans, hashtags, company creed or values that you would like Betsy to include in her presentation.
  • Audience Information

  • What type of people will be attending this event?
  • Describe how you feel Betsy's presentation can help solve those challenges.
  • Include phone # & email of each person. This helps Betsy to tailor the presentation specifically to your group's biggest needs, and helps Betsy understand your group's lingo.