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Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Texas Leadership Speakers, a Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

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The TRIUMPH Method

Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Motivational Speakers in Texas, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

The ‘TRIUMPH’ Method: 

7 Ways Great Leaders Gain Commitment and Develop Highly Motivated Teams!

The TRIUMPH Method is a 7 step process for leaders to take struggling teams and unmotivated individuals and turn them into more engaged, committed, peak performers for your organization. In order to motivate people, we need to know what they really want in a job and then learn how to provide it for them.

  • The 4 types of team members and how to motivate each one.
  • How to build trust and respect for higher levels of influence.
  • 10 things people say they need to have job fulfillment.

“The TRIUMPH Method is one of the best books on how to build trust with your team!”


Win With People


Win With People:

52 Keys to Connect & Communicate Successfully

Connecting with people is your key to success, however, building successful relationships can be a challenge in business & your personal life due to a lack of effective communication skills. Communicating with others is one of the largest causes of stress. In this tiny book, you will find powerful strategies to improve communication skills, reduce stress & build healthy relationships with anyone!

  • Build confidence in yourself first.
  • Learn the secrets for building rapport.
  • Develop effective communication skills. 
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people. 

Betsy Allen-Manning shares incredible tips to help you live a more fulfilled and successful life!” Frank E. Shankwitz –Make-A-Wish Foundation


Life in the Fast Lane


Life in the Fast Lane:

Accelerate Your Success

Life in the Fast Lane is fully loaded with experts who provide their GPS to help you take your life into overdrive. In life, it’s essential that you’re traveling with others who are designated with greatness. The road to success is paved with many who have started and stopped, only to give up when the journey proved tough. Life provides us opportunities and those who seize those moments when they arise are the ones who get into the fast lane.

Just a few of the featured Authors are:

  • Betsy Allen-Manning (Leadership Speaker/Corporate Trainer)
  • Lane Ethridge (CEO of Changing Lanes Intl.)
  • Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)
  • Craig Duswalt (Creator of Rockstar Marketing)
  • Frank Shankwitz (Founder of Make a Wish Foundation)
  • Jeff Hoffman (CEO of
  • Jeff Garcia (Former Quarterback with the 49ers)
  • Ron Klein (Inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card)
  • And more!!!

Personality Tests


Personality Tests:

Discover Your Strengths with a DISC Assessment and Profile!

DISC Profiles take the guesswork out of interacting with others!

90% of stress is caused by not understanding someone’s personality style – People prefer to communicate, connect & be influenced a specific way, and if you don’t understand what that is, you will experience stress when interacting with others. Personal and business success depends on having effective communication with others. Take the guesswork out and starting building more successful relationships now! Our DISC assessment and DISC profile report reveals your strengths and blind spots, and helps to guide you connect with others more successfully. You can also attend our certified DISC seminars to learn more about how to communicate better with others.

Assessments Start at $12.95

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