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3 Proven Strategies to Gain Credibility, Respect and Influence as a Leader

  Gaining credibility and respect as a new or seasoned leader can be challenging, and being able to influence others can be downright frustrating if you don’t know how. The good news is, there are ways to fix this. The bad news is, most leaders don’t want to put in the effort to do so, […]

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How to Be Confident- Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Motivational Speakers in DFW, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

3 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem as a Leader

Do you ever find yourself asking the following questions: “Why am I getting passed up for promotions?” “How come no one ever notices my efforts and listens to my ideas?” “Am I not smart enough to accomplish what I want?” While those questions are normal to ask, there’s no benefit in it. You’re simply asking the wrong question! The question you SHOULD be asking yourself is this…. “What […]

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Achieve Your Goals- Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Motivational Speakers in Texas, Best Selling Author & Personality Expert

3 Mental Barriers That are Stopping Your Success

  In my leadership seminars and workshops, managers often come to me with the same complaint: “Every time I set out to reach a goal, something stops me. I think I’m aiming too high.” When we start to analyze their challenge, we come to a realization that it isn’t their goals that are unattainable, but something in their mindset is holding […]

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5 Traps That Stop You from Success and 4 Ways to Achieve it

  Did you know that over 95% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions only 2 weeks into the year? Why? Because when we start, we tend to overlook the 5 specific areas that trap us from reaching them. If you’re not prepared for the traps, you may just end up trapped yourself. Meaning, you […]

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