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7 Remarkable Ways to Improve Your ROI Using DISC Training

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ROI Meaning Financial Return On Investment Analysis


What is DISC? DISC is a tool used to help you understand human behavior more clearly. If we want to be more effective in the workplace, then we need to have an awareness of the different personality styles that exist within our team.  Our normal expectation as a leader is that everyone thinks, acts and responds the same way we do; which is not the case. There are four different personality styles, and DISC helps a leader learn to communicate with each one according to THEIR needs.

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of ‘communication and personality styles’ training amongst their leaders and their teams. We’ve discovered that by understanding the different personalities, you can retain good talent and help improve their productivity; resulting in a positive work environment, with less turn over and peak performers helping reach company goals. In order to achieve this, you must start by leading yourself first and then learning how to lead others. That’s why DISC is a perfect fit for the business world.

Here are 7 Remarkable Ways to Improve Your ROI Using DISC Training:

  1. Time saver. It could take years to try and figure out how to motivate each person on your team, how to interact best with your boss or how to communicate with new clients. Understanding the model of human behavior helps take the guesswork out when dealing with people, and saves years of headaches trying to figure it all out and increases your productivity meanwhile.
  2. Hire the right people for the right position from the beginning. 80% of high turnover is due to poor hiring decisions, and the cost of replacing an employee is an estimated 1/5 of their salary. Hiring the wrong person can cost you more than high turn over though. It can cause a disturbance in culture, decreased work production and potential customer loss. With DISC, you’ll be more accurate in your employee placement and learn if the job candidate is the right “FIT”. DISC will help you match job requirements to an individual’s personality, learn their strengths as indicated in their personality assessment, learn what motivates each person as indicated in their personality assessment and learn how they will connect with and add value to the existing team. Learn more about personality assessments or click here to take one today.
  3. Lower turn over rates. Research has shown that motivated employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization. When you have people in the right position and you know how to make them feel valued in a way that THEY need to feel valued, you can maintain good talent instead of losing them to a company who understands this.
  4. Develop a more engaged and cohesive team. What if you had X-ray glasses and could see your team’s strengths, needs, and interaction dynamics? What if you could reduce conflict?  Improve co-operation? Reduce turnover? Boost morale? DISC assessments and team charts give you the tools to do just that. You can help your team learn the strengths of each member, understand TEAM dynamics, discover each team member’s personality traits, build better communication and learn what motivates each team member. The more engaged your teams are with one another, the more dedicated to your organization they’ll become.
  5. Improve the quality and efficiency of the work within your team. DISC helps managers determine strengths and weaknesses of each individual on their team, and gives them options on how to help their employees improve. It also assists you in determining the training needs each employee has. We are all wired differently, therefore, we learn differently. If you try to train every employee the same way, you will be holding many of them back from understanding and implementing their job duties. When you understand their training needs, you can help improve the quality and efficiency of their work.
  6. Improve poor behavior quicker. Your progressive disciplinary procedure should stay the same for everyone, however, the disciplinary conversations you have with each employee changes according to their personality style. DISC enables you to coach people up and keep them motivated. Studies have proven that motivated employees call in fewer sick days, have fewer insurance claims, less employee theft, fewer wasted hours and fewer HR issues.
  7. Develop future leaders of your company. When you understand the people you’re managing, you can help improve their personal performance and then develop a strategic plan to point them towards a leadership role. The more they see you invest in their future, the more committed they’ll be to invest in your company’s future as well.

Bottom line…DISC takes ALL the guesswork out when dealing with people.

Weekly Challenge:

Take a personality assessment and learn how YOU prefer to connect & communicate with others and how you are most likely to get motivated to achieve more. 


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