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3 Guaranteed Ways to Accelerate Your Success

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Do you ever wonder why certain people seem to get ahead in life, yet you feel like you’re in a constant struggle to get to the next level? Do you want to know the secrets to how they achieve massive success in a shorter amount of time? There’s a simple formula that successful people use to produce massive results in record time, and if success leaves clues…you will want to clue into these three tips so that you can get in the fast lane and start achieving more!

3 Guaranteed Ways to Accelerate Your Success:

1. Professional Development  Back in the day when I was a manager for a 5-star hotel, I remember struggling with handling the difficult people on my team. At one point I called my father to tell him it was too hard and I was ready to quit my job. My dad responded with, “That’s funny, I didn’t think I raised my daughter to be a quitter.” He wasn’t trying to be mean; he was actually helping me realize something extremely valuable. He taught me that every new level you get to in life will come with new challenges and will require new growth. When you raise the bar in your career, it requires an entirely new set of skills. As a new manager, I needed to learn how to manage all the different personalities in the workplace and develop conflict/resolution skills. When I decided to go into the speaking industry I had to learn how to provide highly engaging talks that also had a high level of content in them. I had to figure out how to market myself as a speaker and develop the skills to be able to speak to many different types of industries. What are the skills you need to develop in order to get to that next level? With the right skills in place, you’re guaranteed to move up faster.

2. Relationship Development- Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  When I managed at hotels in Las Vegas, that phrase sat well with me because my friends were rocking that industry. When I moved to Dallas and became a professional speaker, however, that was a different story. I was traveling 2 weeks out of every month, training leaders around the nation, and I didn’t have the energy to meet new people when I was home. I started to realize that my training business was doing well, but my speaking business was suffering. Most speakers start off speaking locally, but I wasn’t connecting with any locals, so I finally got myself out there and started connecting with and speaking to chambers, associations, and businesses, then I joined the National Speaker’s Association so that I could meet like-minded achievers. The more relationships I developed, the more my speaking business grew. Is there an association or a chamber that you could join to start developing more business relationships? Just one new connection could give you your next big idea for your business or could open up doors you never imagined possible. When you invest the time to build successful relationships, you’re investing in your future success.

For those of you who are nervous or don’t know what to say when you meet new people, check out this short article on 7 Rapport Building Secrets That Make People Like You More

3. Character Development- On the John Maxwell Team we say, “Your skills will get you in the door, but it’s your character that takes you to the top.” The key is to focus on developing the traits that will help you become more successful. Look at the high achievers around you. What qualities do they possess? To me, successful people that I admire have a positive attitude, they know how to persevere through challenges, they embrace change, they’re fast action takers, they have integrity in their business and they work hard on a daily basis. Which traits do you notice in successful people?

Comment below on the characteristics you feel successful people possess!

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